It all started as a hobby, albeit a very expensive one!

Both the Co-Founders Raja Aris Dzulkifli and his uncle Raja Putra Shah brought in their first flyboard, the version one model into Malaysia way back in 2013.

Being in the jet-racing industry and global jet-ski community for many years, they were aware of this new cool flying device, which can be configured to connect to an existing jet-ski. Developed by a French inventor, Frankie Zapata (also a top jet-ski racer from Zapata Racing), this new extreme water sport was gaining popular in Europe and USA.

The introduction of the flyboard into Malaysia was initially limited to public demonstrations and stunt shows at corporate launches and events. In January 2014, the flying experience was finally made accessible to the general public to enjoy at lake Putrajaya.

With the headquarters based at Marina Putrajaya, the pioneer team of dedicated instructor and crew have not looked back since and up-to-date have trained more than 2,000 individuals, corporate groups and tourist, both local and foreigners.

Besides continuing to provide invaluable experiences to new ‘flyers’, the team is always seeking new opportunities to expand this sports venture to other destination within Malaysia as well as collaborating with interested partners in the Asia Region.

Perfectly located approx 30-45 minutes away from KL City Center

Beautiful man-made lake with calm waters, perfect settings for beginners to learn

Friendly welcome center with proper space for welcome, safety briefing or to just chill!

Marina Putrajaya is equipped with complete facilities – free parking, shower room, swimming pool and cafe


Personal instructor and equipment, including ground briefing prior to flight – Helmet and Safety Vest (US Coast Guard Approved).

Good water confidence and able to follow instruction. You don’t need to be extremely fit but having good lower body strength is an advantage. A positive, open minded and friendly attitude helps.

+ Two sets of clothes (one for actual flight session)
+ Rashguard (long sleeve) and board shorts
+ Mineral Water
+ Contact lenses if you need it
(wearing glasses is not advisable)
+ Bath towel
+ Sunscreen Lotion & Basic Toiletries
+ Cap/Sunglasses

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